Meet: The Hornblows

For Ian Hornblow and his two sons, there's "nothing better" than working alongside your family

Hornblow is a surname synonymous with hospitality in Wellington. 

For restaurateur and proud dad Ian Hornblow – think Kasey's, The Roxburgh, Cafe Bastille and Moore Wilson's Fresh – working alongside your two sons is about as good as it gets. 

Ahead of Father's Day, we get to know the trio and discover that there are few cons when it comes to the family biz, unless of course you were hoping to take a sick day. 


Paella Pop-Up Has Opened

In Wadestown

Panman's pop-up paella is the answer to those Sunday evenings when you wish you'd spent your afternoon shopping, chopping and gently stirring a delicious something for Sunday dinner, instead of binge-watching the entire The Handmaid's Tale or carrying out 'Important Instagram Research'.



A Blue Sequin Dress for a Laid Back

and Colourful Picnic Wedding

.........Instead of a formal sit down meal, Ash and Dave chose to host a picnic for their wedding breakfast, complete with Paella provided by The Pan Man.  If you’re fairly confident in the weather then I think this is a wonderful idea.  Picnics are one of my favourite kinds of meals and it is a perfect way of doing things if you’re having a relaxed day.